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FloridAquatic Lake Management is a sales and service center for the southeast U.S for Truxor

Truxor machines are amphibian and exert minimum ground pressure, thus avoiding damaging the ground when operated correctly. The amphibian characteristics makes the machine a unique equipment carrier, which can easily cut vegetation and collect the cuttings, carry out dredging, digging and oil clean-up. Because it has its own tracks, the mobilization costs for beginning work is low. What makes the Truxor so unique is its ability to move in places where the ground is too soft for both personnel and other vehicles. Therefore these machines are well suited for use on golf courts, on private properties and in protected nature areas.





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"FloridAquatic keeps abreast of current aquatic plant management technologies and  maintain Florida Department of Agriculture certified aquatic herbicide applicator licenses by attending training conducted by IFAS and professional societies." ~ Kenneth Langeland, Professor, University of Florida

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