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Awareness of water quality management has never been higher. In our environmentally conscious world, today's successful aquatic managers are making aeration equipment the foundation of their aquatic management programs. Their goal is to increase the dissolved oxygen level, which stimulates the natural clean up process, resulting in an aesthetically pleasing, healthy body of water.

Aeration is a natural, environmentally-safe and highly effective water quality management tool. It addresses
a wide range of water quality problems, including algae build-up, aquatic weeds, bottom sludge, foul odors, insect
infestation, and stagnation in lakes and ponds.

AquaMaster® products are available in both 60 and 50 Hz, from 1/3 to 25 HP, in whatever voltage is required.
With thousands of successful projects around the world, we know you'll be pleased with your AquaMaster®
Fountains and/or Aerators product's performance. Our Commitment to Excellence in designing, building and
delivering Superior Aquatic Management Systems is the key to your success.

Choose the industry leader for quality and dependable Fountains, Aerators and MasterClear Natural Microbial
Products for all your aquatic requirements. Let us help you Master the Power and Beauty of Water.

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"John Farrell of FloridAquatic is very honest and will take the time to talk to you. He is also nationally recognized for his expertise in the biology of lake management in this climate and can really educate you about the proper use of fountains in lake management."  ~Kraig Krick, Sr., Gulf Breeze Management Services of SW FL

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